Eye Examinations


We aim to make the eye examination  a relaxing and comfortable experience. It usually lasts 30 minutes, but if you need more time to complete the tests, you can be assured to never be rushed. We use  state of the art optical equipment that helps us provide a thorough and comprehensive eye examination. During the eye examination we will assess your vision and the overall health of your eyes. We will screen for conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, cataract, blepharitis and dry eyes, and macular degeneration. We will check your intraocular pressures and use a Visual Field Analyzer to test your peripheral vision. We can take a very detailed central image of the retina to keep as a comprehensive photographic record of your retinal health with our Zeiss Retinal Camera. We also provide Contact lens assessments including contact lens fittings and aftercare with all of the lens types available on the market.